The White Countess with Director James Ivory (as an extra in multiple scenes) 2004

Shanghai The Rape of Nanking with Director Simon West (as 4 Star American General), 2007
“Purple Mountain” with Director Simon West, 2007 Nanjing 与导演西蒙西(美国通用为4星),2007年南京“南京大屠杀”
Storyline: Personal accounts from the Japanese occupation of Eastern China during the 1930s when many innocent civilians were slaughtered by the Japanese military. Based on Iris Chang's "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II".
Role: A 4 Star American General who is with the American President when a film, which had been smuggled out of Japanese occupied China that documents the atrocities of the occupation, is shown to the President and Military personnel. Script is in English, no spoken lines.
Purple Mountain (Filmed in Nanjing 2007)



With Simon West the Director