Public Health contributions

Public Health Presentation History

Private Practice Foerster Epidemiology and Research since 2001
Public Health Lecturer on NutritionShanghai Biology Technology and Howell Dairy, China,
Director of Special ProjectsHongkou Educational International Exchange Center,
Physiology ProfessorJiangxi Medical University of TCM,
Lynn Health Science Institute Management of 5 Sleep Laboratories
Deaconess HospitalSupervision and Redesign of Polysomnograph Clinic
St. Anthony’s HospitalEmergency Room and Newborn Nursery Statistics
Helping Hearts’n HandsPreventive Medicine Programs
Baptist HospitalNursing LDRP Staff Education
Szeged Student ServicesMedical Education and Medical Translations

Medical Analysis and Editing, AstraZeneca Biopharmaceutical.
Medical English for the Chinese Medical Professional, Nanchang, China (Author)
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Doctoral Thesis) Szeged, Hungary
Medical Databases (Author) Szeged, Hungary
Physiology Laboratory Manual (Translator from Hungarian to English)
Clinical Endocrinology Textbook (English consultant, and graphic designer)
Toxicology Textbook for World Health Organization distribution (English Consultant, Translator)