Three Decades of Teaching Experience

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Curriculum and General Locations on taught subjects

AP College Board Classes (American)
Middle School and High School standards for Oklahoma, Texas and California
KS3 (British)
IGCSE (British)
A-Level (British)
WACE (Western Australian)
Chinese Curriculum (modified)
US Commerce Department Enumerator Curriculum
US Military Subjects in International Assistance

Teaching in America
  • Oklahoma (Public Schools, Private Tutoring, Patient Education and Public Health in Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Texas (Medical Subjects)

Teaching in China
  • Shanghai (Universities, High Schools, Elementary Schools, Corporate Workshops)
  • Tianjin (British Secondary Education)
  • Nanchang (Medical University)
  • Nanjing (Pharmaceutical Research Writing Seminar)
  • Jinhua, Zhejiang (High Schools, Elementary Schools)
  • Multiple Cities for Public Health and Education Presentations (over 60 different cities)

Teaching in Europe
  • France (Shermick-La Broque, Elementary and Middle School ESL)
  • Hungary (Szeged, University Guest lecturer and Private Tutor for French Language)

Teaching in the Middle East
  • Dubai

Extra Curricular Activities
  • Science Fair
  • Model United Nations
  • Dramatic Student Presentations
  • Sports Days
  • Team Building Programs
  • Santa Claus
  • Magic Club
  • Ancient and Secret Languages

Teacher Training Workshops, Seminars and In-Service Programs